The gateway

In the course of excavations in the years 1936-1939, the gateway with its adjoining walls was discovered.

The gateway was double-winged and 6m wide. Separated by the central post into two gates of 2.5m each, it comprised a separate entrance and exit. The wooden posts sunk into the holes of the gatepost were wedged with stones. A layer of gravel covered the ground and allowed passage even in wet weather.

The gateway was crowned by a wooden battlement. The slightly inset battlemented parapet and projecting wall constitute a construction resembling an outer bailey. With this, it was possible to fight against attackers from three sides at once.
Looking to the right, you can see the outer wall. It encircles the entire southern section of the site. Its significance is not known. Possibly it served as a barrier for livestock or it signalled an earlier and more extensive construction period…